I am 57 years old and it means nothing because «youth has no age!». I think that these years were necessary to accumulate experience, to make mistakes, to do the unnecessary things, to learn from all the wrong sources and to act stupid.

But what do I find interesting, looking back? It turns out that even though I did not reach any special heights in work or other spheres of life, I’ve always managed to constantly move forward and develop.
My greatest joy are my three children: Philip, Anna and Anastasia.

This is my wealth, if you consider wealth to be "the ability to fully experience life". Creative work for me is a way to reduce stress levels, not to complain or whine, but to expand the boundaries of my skills and abilities.

Thanks to the art I learned to love to study, which wasn’t something I wanted to do in my childhood and adolescence. No one inspired me to follow these desires more than the already departed Vyacheslav Schraga — an enlightened person, a great artist and the best teacher in my life. First, he convinced me that I'm an artist, then he gave me wings, and now I'm flying!

«Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. Action is the foundational key to all success.» Pablo Picasso

I thank the world that embraces me and grants meetings, the nature which amazes and surprises me daily, the art of painting, which gives the opportunity to pour out our feelings and thoughts, and the children spreading my wings.