I have developed a special relationship with watercolor. This material teaches you to overcome your stubbornness and categorical. The smoothness or texture of paper, its humidity or dryness give the opportunity to experiment, to act promptly, vigorously and realize that you can't always be sure what result will you get: watercolor is a living, breathing material, which remains such even years after application to the paper.


I love working with oil, because this material lets you be flexible - change paint layers on the canvas multiple times, make it tactile, tangible. Thanks to this, the work gets additional volume, acquires hidden meanings and ideas. Technique used by the Dutch masters lets you escape from the modern “speeds” and slowly apply layer after layer a limited amount of pigment, making objects glow on the canvas. Working with this material, I get inspiration from the paintings of the "small Dutch", Flemish still lifes and genre painting of the XVIIth century.


My passion for paper since childhood makes me to get in touch with her again and again. Partly it dictated my desire to learn Chinese painting. Ink and rice paper opened for me an opportunity to learn drawing and educate myself — to cognize calmness, attentiveness and work carefully. When the ink floats on the rice paper, I follow it to find myself in different centuries and countries, and invite you to join me.


Pastel attracts me with its softness, ductility and fragility of relationships that develop with this material. In our everyday life we use the term "pastel colors", which without a doubt tells us that we are talking about something soft and impossibly gentle. Pastel pays back in full. It seems that the work absorbs all the emotions and tender feelings of an artist and fills the surrounding space with them.