Our team consists of people inspired by Natalia Rodina’s art. Her works encourage us to make everything possible for development of the gallery. We are happy that having acquainted yourself with our paintings gallery you decided to explore cooperation opportunities.

If you appreciate art and have found in our works the reflection of your soul, we invite you to see them in person to help you make your choice to decorate your house or to add something to your collection.

We are also happy to work with professional gallerists. It is you who set the trends and shape the art market. We value your opinion highly!

As creative personalities we are familiar with the design. Natalia’s works often become the accents with which we complement the interiors. Among them we have not only paintings but also art experiments with paper and wood. To save our partners time and to make the collaboration more convenient we bring our works to the interior of your choice to see if they fit it or not. Sometimes we help to plan an artistic content of the room at the earliest design phases.

We are open to new ideas and look forward to working with you!